Sr. Director, Real Estate Asset Management

Real Estate
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The Director, Real Estate Asset Management for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s oversees all deal-making aspects related to the management of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s Real Estate Assets, including leased and fee company-operated properties, franchised leased properties, subleased and assigned properties, third party disposition properties, and HFS corporate and regional office properties. The Director, Real Estate Asset Management’s fundamental goal and primary responsibility is to preserve as well as enhance the value of the company’s real estate assets.  

Aspects of this role include evaluating the real estate characteristics of a property and/or a market, determining property valuations, performing financial analysis, negotiating lease and purchase transactions and documentation in support of Lease renewals, extensions, terminations, rent restructuring, property expansions/remodels, and disposition of under-performing and excess properties.  Each such transaction has a direct and often substantial impact upon the bottom-line profits of the store, and ultimately of the company.  

The Director, Real Estate Asset Management’s role also includes, by necessity, working with the Property Management group and Lease Administration group.  

The philosophy maintained is that to appropriately manage the real estate assets of a portfolio, the responsible party must have full knowledge of and input into all matters affecting the real estate. 

This can only be accomplished by being involved in the areas that impact the portfolio. Property Management is a strong component and factor in managing the assets. As an example of the interplay between these positions, the Property Manager may be negotiating with the Landlord or Property Management Company over a common area related dispute, while the Real Estate Asset Manager is attempting to negotiate a long-term lease renewal at favorable terms. 

The responsibility of overseeing all aspects of real estate asset management for the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s portfolio, involves working closely with the General Counsel for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s in coordinating lease renewals, lease terminations, rent renegotiations and other issues related to the management of leased and subleased franchise real estate.


The Director also supports the Real Estate Asset Manger’s and Administrator in overseeing surplus property disposition, dealing with unsolicited offers to purchase property, right of first refusal offers, purchase options and other transactions involving the sale or acquisition of existing real estate assets. 


Additionally, the Director participates in portfolio report preparation for financial reporting, budgeting and forecasting, and other special projects.


A four-year college degree is required, as well as extended education in real estate, real estate finance, business and real estate law, or equivalent experience. A real estate law background is desirable in this position.
Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential.  Day-to-day experience with Word for Windows and Excel are mandatory. A solid understanding of Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Return on/of Investment (ROI) analysis is critical.  


A minimum of fifteen years’ experience in lease analysis and commercial real estate transactional negotiation and management is required to perform the elevated functions of this position. Exposure to Accounting rules and principals is also desirable.
The ability to work independently but also oversee as a team is key to working successfully within the environment of the department. Effective use of time is critical.
 Presenting a professional image and demeanor to fellow workers as well as associates and superiors both within and outside the company is appropriate for this position.

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